Monday, 20 June 2016

SIGMA Makeup Haul & Review!

Sigma beauty haul  

Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog, and first blog post!I have operated on this blog before but I wanted a fresh start with a brand new template from pipdig.Com, new photography and reviews!

I had never used makeup from the brand sigma before, and I have a lovely selection to show you today!

These are the lovely products I got!
Sigma 3dhdtm kabuki brush - black - http://bit.Ly/1xwiyxy
Sigma 3dhdtm kabuki brush - pink - http://bit.Ly/1zysdjl
Sigma 'pet name' Aura powder -
Sigma 'Warm neutrals' eyeshadow pallette:
Nightlife by Camila Coelho lipstick 'Dance 'Til dawn':

Warm neutrals pallette
The pigmentation of this pallette is lovely, however the matte colours are slightly more pigmented than the shimmer ones.
The shadows are fantastic for layering, I usually just put one or two sweeps on for a natural look but you could really work the darker shades to create a very bold smokey look.

I tend to wear eyeshadow all day, we are talking 8am-10pm! Ive found that the colours dont crease on my eyelid at all, and ive hardly noticed a loss in pigmentation throughout the day either.

Overall its a fantastic neutral palette for everyday looks,  i love the pigmentation and the range and depth of colours is fantastic!

'Pet name' Aura powder
Sigma say that you can use this powder over the whole of your face to bring out your natural contours, and i would say its definitly worth trying it out!
I was initially scared to put a blush over my whole face but its such a gentle flush colour it just gave my face a really youthful look.

Ive also built the colour up on my cheeks and it gives a really rosy pink colour which is perfect for spring/summer makeup looks.
Its also a great powder to fluff on for when you have a tan, it gives your cheeks just a subtle bit of colour!

Nightlife lipstick by Camila Coelho - Dance 'Til dawn
On me, this lipstick comes out semi-matte and seems to last a good few hours before it needs re-applying!
Its a lovely natural pink colour with a hint of a brown undertone which is really on trend at the moment!

It looks amazing if you wear a slightly brown toned lipliner such as:

Sigma 3dhdtm kabuki brush

This brush is such an unusual shape. Its a soft kabuki brush with a tapered head.
Its fantastic for contouring, especially when im using a cream bronzer to get a really defined contour.
Ive also used it on powder products and although it doesnt pick up the product as easy because its an angled brush, it deposits it very softly onto my face and i can build up the effect of defined cheekbones with it too.
The brush is also great for applying liquid foundation, with the angled head meaning you can blend it in perfectly and gives you a really flawless finish.

I actually love it. Its so unusual and so pretty!

Thanks for reading! I hope you like my new look blog!
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