Saturday, 20 August 2016


Sorry Revlon colourstay, I love you but today i was reunited with an old best friend - the Estee Lauder double wear foundation!
I used to wear this years ago and for some unknown reason stopped, but now its back in my makeup bag and i literally cant be more in love with how it makes my skin look.

Its an oil free formula that is very smooth and glossy.
It doesn't dry too fast on the skin, allowing time for you to create a really smooth look before you use setting powder.
My favourite thing about this foundation is the staying power, it literally lasts all day and more.
I also have quite an oily t-zone but with this foundation i find i only ever need to re-touch once, of not at all!

The coverage is amazing, it literally makes my skin look so airbrushes and evenly toned. 
There is a maximum coverage version of this foundation which i can imagine is a lot thicker, but the original double wear i have is a really nice medium coverage foundation and feels virtually weightless on the skin!
It is a parabens free formula which i love, and has SPF 10 so your face is slightly protected from the summer rays (If we ever get any)

I would suggest going for the colour that is one step down from yours since it oxidizes ever so slightly - which isn't too noticeable.

There is a whole range of colours, from light to deeper shades so chances are youll be able to find a near perfect match for your skin tone. Ive included the colours available below so you can see how many there are to choose from!

My colour is the central colour on the second row of the colour chart below. I naturally have a slight tan to my skin so i was colour matched to the colour 2c1 pure beige is just basically a beige tone! 

There are a few different Estee Lauder Double wear styles including light and maximum coverage!

Check them out on the clickable links below:

I can honestly say i'm SO happy to be reunited with this foundation!
I would urge you try it out, especially if you have oily/combination skin or need a foundation that can effectively cover any areas of pigmentation.

Let me know if you use this and your thoughts in the comments!
N xo
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