Tuesday, 23 August 2016

NEW BRUSH PREVIEW - Spectrum 'The bomb shell'

Spectrum collections are one of my favey brush companies ever - Their brushes are super cute, they're actually brilliant, and the customer service is always on point.

They are also hand finished, vegan & cruelty free!

I already own a few of their single brushes and also their glam clam collection which has the most gorgeous packaging ever!
Anyway, they are debuting a new collection called 'The bomb shell' in September.
Its a collection of gorgeous blush & rose gold face and eye brushes that are perfect for amateurs and professionals alike!

The C03 brush from this collection is my absolute favourite brush (Far left on top photo) - its fantastic for contouring and is super fluffy so is also great for blending on blush and translucent powder. Its like an all rounder and is just - well, its always in my makeup bag!

I the new Bomb shell collection will contain 12 brushes, and come in a gorgeous shell purse that has a detachable chain so it can be used as a clutch!

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Bomb shell launch party in London. 
Theres some of my photos from the event below!
It was basically a room full of gorgeous makeup brushes, stunningly dressed ladies (& a few gents) and beach themed food!
It was so nice to get a glimpse of the new brushes and im sure theyll be a HUGE hit when they are launched. Keep an eye out on the Spectrum instagram page to see when they are launched in September (and also drool over the pretty pictures).

Naomi Victoria xo 

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