Sunday, 14 August 2016

Ruth Crilly COLab dry shampoo review


If you buy one hair product this summer..

You can (almost) never go wrong with a dry shampoo!

I have only ever loved two dry shampoos - The Batiste Blush and the TIGI Oh Bee hive, but since re-joining the gym i really wanted to explore new Dry shampoo's and scents!

Ruth Crilly has a popular beauty blog called A model Recommends, and she has partnered with COLab to release a range of dry shampoos!

There are a huge selection of cutely named scents, and I got my hands on two.

Monaco is similar to dry shampoos i've tried before. It works very well at concealing any greasiness, gives a voluminous look and leaves your hair very fluffy!
It smells so fresh and is great for a quick touch up since it doesn't leave too much of the dreaded 'Powdery hair' look.

Active has several features such as UV & Pollution protection, and conditioning.
It smells super fresh, almost like a perfume for your hair - I LOVE the smell.
I also found it doesn't give you as much of a powdery hair look as the other dry shampoos i've tried in the past. 
If im going out after a workout its great just to throw in my gym bag and give my hair a quick post-workout pick me up.

The dry shampoo is available to buy now online through the links below, and in SuperDrug stores for around £2-4!

Let me know what your favourite dry shampoos are and if you've tried any of Ruth's range!

Naomi Victoria

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