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HOW TO Trick Yourself Into Being a Morning Person (10 easy steps!)

Ill be the first to admit, im not a morning person. When 11PM hits - I come alive!
So when I started university last year, I was suddenly hit by an hour drive to make those dreaded 9AM lectures.
However, ive adopted some really simple steps that help make mornings a little bit easier, and get me out of bed and feeling ready to take on the day!

Put your alarm across the room
I know this is super obvious, but putting your alarm clock across the room requires effort to get up and actually turn it off.
You can also try setting an annoying / loud alarm tone which will physically make you want to jump out of bed to get it off! I once had the Harry Potter theme song as my tone and it was so gentle and soothing I would usually completely sleep through it!

Open a window
Once you've turned your alarm off, the temptation to crawl back into bed is huge - Opening a window really helps to freshen up the room. 
If its cold, the slight chill will physically wake you up (Be careful not to get too cold though!)

Stretch it out
Stretching is a fab way to get your blood flowing. I find that even before i've got out of bed, if my alarm is going off I kick my legs around and have a big old stretch. This really makes me feel more awake and gets the blood flowing.
Once your up and out of bed, some light stretching will also help wake up your body.

Treat yourself
I always feel like mornings are a complete drag until the day kicks off around lunch time... Wrong! You can actually get so much done in a morning, and if you give yourself one or two activities to look forewards to after you wake up it makes it a whole lot easier.
I look forewards to eating my favourite Chia porridge, and catching up on Youtube videos whilst i have a shower. It could be something as simple as taking half an hour to walk your dog, or reading a magazine!
Water Water Water
Drinking a big glass of water before bed will mean you'll wake up with a bit more urgency to rush to the toilet in the morning.
Keeping a bottle of water on your bedside table is also a great idea. When your alarm goes off, take a few sips of the water and it really helps you feel refreshed.

List it
I feel like im always busy, there's always a million things floating round my head. Recently ive been writing 'to-do' lists and it helps me feel so much more calm and ready for the day!
Write 3 important things that you want to get completed by the end of the day. That way youre more likely to complete these 3 important jobs instead of taking on 10,000 other things and only half finishing each one (Guiltyyy!)

Preparation is key
If you have School, work or University early in the morning, preparing your outfit and bag the night before saves SO much time in the morning.
I hate to pre-plan outfits because i change my mind so often, but i always put aside two or three different combinations to choose from which always saves me time. Packing your bag and making sure all of your essentials are accounted for also saves for any 'Fuzzy morning brain' incidents.

Breakfast is some peoples favourite meal of the day (Dad im looking at you!).... However I dread it.
Breakfast usually leaves me with a bizarre sick feeling in my stomach and its just generally unpleasant. However it's so important to kick start your metabolism and get your energy boosted for the rest of the day!
Find a healthy breakfast cereal that you cant get enough of - for me its the berry porridge by 'The Chia Co'. 
Fruit & Flaxseed smoothies are also a great source of protein and fibre, and are not stodgy so wont leave you feeling gross for the rest of the day!

Get outside
I cant express how much going outside can actually wake you up. Eating breakfast in your garden can not only stimulate your senses but really make you appreciate how beautiful our world is! If it's winter, a brisk walk around the garden once youre up and dressed usually does the trick!

As a self confessed social media addict, This one certainly slips the net most mornings!
However if I don't distract myself on social media/ mindlessly flick through Instagram, my morning routine can be cut down from about an hour+ to a solid 30 minutes!
Try it once or twice and see how much quicker your morning routine can be!

What helps YOU wake up easier in the morning?
And are you a morning or an evening person?

Hope these little tips help!
NV xo

Little extras for your easier mornings! 
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