Sunday, 9 October 2016

October 2016 BirchBox Unboxing & review!

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box full of beauty and accessories from well known brands, as well as a select few lesser known brands to discover!

Just before i get into the review i have my own link (here) for you to use to sign up and you get £5 worth of credit to spend in the BirchBox shop - By the way this isn't sponsored, i just love beauty boxes! I kind of wish they were a 'once a week' kinda thing :P

Im pretty obsessed with Octobers packaging, its this gorgeous galaxy print - There are actually four astrological glow in the dark patterns to collect this month.

I always love receiving beauty boxes, its literally like christmas has come every month and i make a point not to look at the sneak peaks on the website beforehand so i can have a surprise when it arrives!
Taking a look at the products ive recieved this month, ive got:

Rituals Rice milk and Cherry blossom body lotion
This smells incredible and soaks into my skin really well with no sticky residue. 
To be honest i'm not a huge fan of cherry scented things but this one smells like a spa, it's absolutely divine. The scent is also long lasting - Horrah!
 The lotion is mineral oil and parabens free which is fantastic since i aim to reduce parabens in my skincare and makeup where possible!

N.4 Restore and repair oil
This hair oil feels really light and non greasy on my hair. The best thing however is the scent! It leaves my hair smelling so good, it smells better than freshly washed hair - almost slightly perfumed! I love it.

LOC Haute cocoa eyeshadow stick
This eyeshadow is a lovely chocolate brown colour with a slight twinkle.
Its a semi-soft formula so it doesnt tug at your eyes when you apply it, and its soft enough to blend out to create a subtle smokey eye effect.

Whish Mud mask
This mask contains fruit enzymes to work to keep problem skin in order.
Its also an exfoliating mask which works well at keeping dead skin and greasy facial oils at bay!

Douae me water spray
This is a bit of a bizarre one for me since ive not really delved into the world of water sprays. Its simply a 100% fresh spring water spray - sounds a bit boring? It refreshed me SO much! I received this box in the morning before i had applied any makeup so i tested it out straight away and i liked it so much my mum even came over to try. Who'd have thought?!

The Hero Project Glow drops
This was a small packet size sample so i could really test it across a few days, which is a shame because i really liked it!
Its a blend of 10 natural essential oils and vitamin C, and its a dry touch oil so didnt leave my skin sticky feeling at all. My skin actually looked more youthful and im very keen to buy the full size version!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Again, if you'd like my coupon code click here for a free gift and £5 shop credit!

Naomi V x
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