Saturday, 8 October 2016

Perfectly organised - Empire girl planner!

Hello everyone!
I feel like my head is always floating around, never really able to concentrate on anything.
I give myself so much to do in a day that I end up just giving up and not doing anything (often featuring Netflix!)

So this year, since entering year 2 at uni this October, ive decided to finally organise myself!

Ive got about 8 pretty notebooks, 1 Louise Pentland diary and this gorgeous content planner from Empire girl planners!
I wanted to share it with you because its SO pretty and it has some really great features for fellow bloggers / Youtubers / Instagrammers - and more! 

They also make a specific Bloggers planner for all you BBloggers/FBloggers too!

The first thing you might notice is that its personalised - You can actually put up to 500 characters on the front. This is great if you want to add your favourite quote or something cute!
However i just went for the name of my Youtube channel because i thought it would look cute on Insta - Hehe.
You can also choose from 9 front cover colours: White, black, Candy , purple, Mint, Yellow, Dove, Slate and Green.
You can also personlise your planner so that its hard or soft cover, and A5 (Handy if you have a smaller handbag) or A4 in size.
So lets take a look Inside....
There are pages at the beginning of each month with really pretty calligraphy quotes for motivation.

The planner features:
♥ A diary page per month so you can add important dates
♥ A list page to add - To do list, goals and Bills
♥ A plan page to help you plan content posts, a to do list, and Social media check off list

I love the simplistic style of this planner, but i'm also a huge fan of calligraphy so i love it even more!

Empire girl planners also come as:
♥ 'The weekly planner'
♥ 'The daily planner'
♥ 'The content planner'
♥ 'The bloggers planner'
♥ 'The project planner'
.. I want them all 😭

 Click here if you'd like to check out the range at Empire girl planners.
They also make really pretty notebooks perfect for school, instagram pictures & ofcourse... being a girl boss!
I cant wait to start organising my content, especially since uni appears to consist of 10x more work this year ill need to be organising my time really well!

Let me know if you decide to get one :)
NV x
(I need coffee 24/7)

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