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NIP + FAB review | Kale fix mask & Glycolic fix serum

Hello everyone!

I realise im pretty late to the party here, but ive recently discovered 'Nip + Fab' products and im already pretty obsessed and definitly wanting to increase my collection!
I also hear Kylie Jenner is a fan!

Nip + Fab are owned by Rodial and are 100% cruelty free, with a great selection of vegan products too (More details on there website here). I believe they are also made without parabens, but its not actually stated clearly on products or website so im not completly sure on that one.

The Glycolic range has been specially formulated with Glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin.
As a girl with combination skin i find this range suits me perfectly.

The glycolic fix overnight purifying gel is a clear gel that has a slight citrus scent.
It contains salicylic acid which targets spots and blackheads, helping to unclog pores. It also contains niacinamide which helps to reduce the production of sebum which causes large pores to develop and cause annoying spots.
Ive used this gel for a few months now and i've seen a noticeable improvement on not only the amount of spots i get, but also how plump my skin feels in the morning! 

The only downside ive discovered with this product is that it doesn't completly soak into my skin, and leaves me with slightly tacky feeling skin before i go to bed. Its not a huge deal, but it can make you look a little bit shiny (worth it come morning though!).

Explore the Glycolic fix line here

Ive used this Kale fix clay mask a number of times and im always impressed.
My skin always feels so much softer after use, and it also appears brighter and more even.

Im not a huge fan of eating kale, but as a moisturising ingredient it does a pretty fabulous job.
Its a white clay style moisturiser with a very light natural scent. I just throw my hair up and smooth the mask on - It takes around 10-15 minutes to almost completly soak into my skin. I then just use a warm flannel to wipe the residue away.

Although i have oily/combination skin it doesnt make me more oily at all, just leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I can imagine if you have dry or mature skin this mask would be even better!

Explore the Kale fix line here

I will keep you updated when i try out more of the Nip + Fab range.
They do a large range including products for oily, dry, teen and mature skin!

Naomi V xo

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