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NEW NIP & FAB MAKEUP REVIEW (New favourite products?)

The NIP & FAB makeup line has impressed me SO much!

I'm always dubious with new makeup, I've tried so many products that I just haven't touched again.

I fell in love with the NIP & FAB contour and highlight palettes, and they were then thrust quickly into my daily makeup bag and I've used them every day since.

Products I'm reviewing are: (Clickable links)

You can also check out the complete makeup range on these websites:


Starting off with the Foundation, NIP & FAB have 10 different foundation colours to choose from.
I love the fact that the foundations range from light, through medium and into deeper colours so there is more of a choice.

I found the foundation to have a medium coverage, it feels very lightweight on the skin and isn't patchy. It actually looked quite undetectable on my skin which I like!
It didn't fully cover my spots and deep discolouration, but I don't expect that with a medium coverage foundation anyway, and it did even out my skin tone to look really natural and evenly toned.
For a minute I thought I was getting less product since it is so small, but no, there is plenty of foundation in there (30ml) and a little does go a long way! 

Overall an impressive foundation that I'll definitely be reaching for on summer days where I'll be wanting a lighter weight, natural looking foundation!

Shade adjusting drops

To accompany the foundation I have the shade adjusting drops in dark and light.
These are SO handy, especially since I fake tan so I don't always match my foundations! They are great to mix into foundations to create contour and highlight shades. They also work a treat if you've bought an expensive foundation, but it's the wrong shade - Just drop in these and they can adjust the colour for you!

Little tip: I find a little goes a long way, so make sure you drop them into your foundation a dot at a time, otherwise you could end up with a completely different shade than the one you were hoping for. Nobody wants that!
Oh and don't mix them on your face, try a plate or the back of your hand :)

Colour correcting concealers 

The colour correcting wands are a new thing to me, although I know theyve been a 'thing' for a while now!
Ive popped a little chart below which explains where each colour should be used.
Image Source: Cosmopolitan
My skin tone is quite even overall, but my main areas of concern are the blue inner corners of my eyes, and the red around my nose.
These colour correctors seem to be perfectly pigmented. As in they manage to disguise my concern areas really well, but I don't end up looking like a rainbow!

The actual colour correctors have a small brush at the end so you can brush them onto your face, however, it doesn't blend them very well (if at all!) so my beauty blender and foundation brushes make an appearance.
They are creamy and blend really well, my beauty blender blends the terracotta colour into my undereye area seamlessly. My foundation also sits on top of these with no detection at all!

Definitely worth looking into if you suffer from any areas of discoloration or pigmentation.

Highlight and contour palettes

Erm so what can i say apart from... i LOVE these pallettes.
The highlight and contour palettes hold 6 shades each, and there are 3 contour pallettes options to choose from (Light, medium and dark)

The contour palette is VERY pigmented. You literally need to spot your brush on and tap it off before swirling the colour onto your cheeks and forehead. It builds up a gorgeous natural colour that can be built up to create a really deep, dark contour if you like that look!
They are all completely matte and don't fade throughout the day. 
Perfect. Will definitely be re-purchasing!

The highlight palette is also great, however, it would be better if it came in more than one shade option. There are 3 colours in the palette that would be more suited for deeper skin tones.
The top 3 shades though are perfect for lighter and medium skin tones like myself, and the payoff is really good!

For a daytime look, one sweep of the highlight on my cheeks and the centre of my face creates a gorgeous glow.
I then build up the colour for more dramatic highlighted looks, and it takes about 3 sweeps to build up a popping highlight!
It also seems to last all day. 
Perfect. Will also definitely be repurchasing!

Overall impressions

As a big fan of NIP & FAB skincare, I was excited to hear of this makeup line!
Im definitely impressed, especially with the formula of the concealers, and the pigmentation of the palettes.

Next on my to-try list are their eyeshadow palettes and matte liquid lipsticks.

Have you tried any NIP & FAB Makeup products yet?

NV xx

Thankyou to NIP & FAB for sending these products over to me! Youve created a little fangirl.
 As always my reviews are 100% my own words and opinions. If i dont like something, i'd always let you know!

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