Friday, 21 April 2017


With summer approaching I wanted to share with you these super cute 'all-in-one' vanity palettes by PUR Cosmetics.

I usually cram my naked palette, a separate contour and highlight palette, as well as different compacts into my makeup bag - so it's a relief to shed some extra makeup weight!

These vanities are available in two shades and are 100% cruelty free!

A super wearable collection of shades perfect for the daytime
The pastel pink blush and medium hued bronzer compliment the neutral toned eyeshadow shades

Deeper blush and bronze shades, with muted blue and purple eyeshadow shades, perfect for more dramatic looks or on deeper skin tones!

You could mix and match the two, one for daytime and one for evening looks maybe.
I tend to carry both around with me so I can change up my look when I want to!

PUR Vanity packaging (Looove the metallic silver)

I've found the pigmentation to be good, the eyeshadow is particularly impressive and the bronzer and blush are great buildable shades. 

The two highlight shades are also really wearable - I didn't look like a disco ball but rather they accentuated my cheekbones and make me have a healthy glow.

But.. probably the coolest part about these mini vanity palettes are...

The mirror pulls up!

I don't know why I found this so cool when I discovered it haha. I actually thought I'd broken mine until I looked on the PUR website and saw that you can pull the mirror up!
Literally so handy. 
I can just pop the palette onto my desk and I don't need to awkwardly hold it to put my makeup on.

Let me know your thoughts, or if you are off on your travels anywhere nice this summer!

NV xx

You can shop the palettes here:

Feel unique (UK):
Beauty bay (UK & Worldwide)
PUR Cosmetics website (U.S & Worldwide):


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