Saturday, 10 June 2017


Hello everyone!
So when summer rolls around my favourite thing to do, besides drink Iced Latte's all day, is to get bronzed up and experiment different makeup looks.

 I created this super simple glowy, yet matte, makeup look that would be perfect for either daytime or night!

Ive also just recently discovered the benefits of using eyedrops alongside my makeup application.
I've been using eyedrops for years before bed, mostly because I use my laptop (and my mobile..and watch films..) a lot and found that my left eye, in particular, would get so dry that I have to blink it more often than normal.
However, I hadn't realised that makeup can also be a triggering factor for eye irritation and dryness. I guess that makes sense since a lot of us use a multitude of products near our eyes on an almost daily basis - yet I hadn't really associated that with any eye issues that I've experienced.

Murine eye drops are super affordable and are really simple to use. I just drop two drops in each eye, blink a few times, and my eyes feel super refreshed!
The bright and moist drops I use also whiten and brighten my eyes - which makes them sparkle and helps my eyeshadow to pop.

 Murine also make drops for hayfever sufferers (my mum finds they take the edge off of her symptoms), as well as for people who wear contact lenses, or suffer with extreme dryness and irritation. They're definitely worth having a look into, and a little beauty trick that I had completely overlooked!

I made a whole chatty video on how to achieve my bronzed and glowy makeup on my Youtube, which ive popped just here for you to enjoy!

Here is a list of the products I used to create this look! 
Why not try and create it for yourself and send me some photos?!

Foundation - NYX Matte but not flat in nude beige
Bare minerals sheer sun serum bronzer (Shop: )
Ofra X Nikkie Tutorials everglow highlighter (Shop: )
Bare minerals powder duo (shop: )
Sleek au natural palette
Sleek lethal lash mascara in 422
Freedom brow pomade in medium ash brown
Bare minerals nude lip liner
Nip and Fab matte liquid lipstick in Pink lemonade (Shop all shades:

As always, let me know in the comments below what your thoughts of this makeup look are and what makeup you would like me to try out next!

Let's just hope the weather starts getting a bit sunnier though..... I'm definitely sending sunny vibes to wherever you all are!

Naomi xo

Huge thankyou to Murine and The Blogger Programme for sponsoring this post - I love discovering new beauty tips!

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