Monday, 5 June 2017

Introducing Naomi Victoria - Myself and hopes for this blog

Hello everyone,
With summer JUST arriving and me taking on Youtube as *I guess* my full-time job over the summer, im dedicated to turning this blog into something special.
I thought i would use this blog post to let you know about my plans for this blog and to give you a few little facts about myself!

So hello,
I'm Naomi Victoria, a soon-to-be third year marketing student, Youtube content creator and lover of creativity.
I'm a creative person at heart, I LOVE painting, drawing, taking photos, filming videos.
As a young child I was always the first person in my family to pick up our huge bulky camcorder (that actually took tape) and film every family holiday, party and gathering.
I found school hard. I had a lot of anxiety and could never really find my place. That is something that has shaped my adult life for the better so far though!
 I'm more compassionate, I'm willing to try and do things that are way out of my comfort zone, and I have a lot of time and respect for people who feel comfortable expressing their individuality.

✖️ Im super close to my family, we are like a little group of best friends
✖️ Im a HUGE iced coffee / drink lover.
My favourites are Starbucks soya caramel macchiato, iced soya latte, and Strawberry green tea lemonade

✖️ Every night I sleep with my toy 101 Dalmatians dog under my left arm that my parents and sister bought me for my 4th birthday. I  dont care how old I get, I will ALWAYS have him with me, he's just my ultimate comfort object
✖️ I love films and filmography.
 Harry Potter is my life, but I also love Pulp fiction, the Green mile, The hateful eight, Shawshank redemption, The great escape, Far from the madding crowd and Suite francais.
Also basically anything and everything directed by Quentin Tarantino.
✖️ I LIVE for travelling. So far I've only managed to visit Europe, but Australia, Canada, The Maldives, Hawaii and Fiji are on my must-visit list.
✖️ I suffer with my mental health on occasion. I get panic attacks and extreme anxiety which sometimes stops me from doing even the simplest of tasks such as eating or replying to an email. I love to raise mental health awareness and help others out where I can!
✖️ I absolutely love cacti, on everything. Real Cacti, Cacti prints, Cacti cushions and Cacti photos
✖️ My fashion sense doesn't really match my music taste. Fashion and music don't strictly have to go together, but showing up at a rock concert in a flowery top sometimes gets you a few confused stares.
✖️ I have watched every episode of Friends the TV show numerous times. I and my Friends still quote it to death!

And that sums up just a few little points about myself.
Im sure you'll get to know me a lot better as I grow my Youtube channel and blog.

I want this blog to be a place where I can share my photography, ramblings and reviews.
If I can help, or put a smile on just one persons face thenI'vee done a swell job.
I hope you enjoy!

Naomi xx
My top in this post is from Missguided - Cute huh?

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