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Hello everyone!

As fathers day is quickly approaching (this Sunday...pop it in your diaries!) I thought I'd compile some of the best last minute fathers day gift ideas and DIY's!

One of the first places I visit for gifts is
They always have the most unusual and inspiring range of gifts for occasions from Fathers day, to weddings and birthdays.

This year I got my dad this Personalised sound waves cushion from Mixpixie, with his favourite song printed on the front!

I love how the sound waves create a pattern unique to each song.
I'm definitely going to be getting my mum one for her birthday too so that they can have their own personal designs on the bed next to each other! (I just need to think of what her favourite song is now.. hmm...)

Not on the high street still have a selection of fantastic last minute gifts available for you dad in time for fathers day.
My personal favourites are the raw chocolate making workshopurban photography safari experience and Paddleboarding through London! I just think gifts like these provide great bonding experiences, and I have to take every minute I can with my own dad since he works pretty much all the time!

Another great idea your dad will love is a DIY gift.
These are especially good as a super last minute gifts that have that personal touch.

Source: Pinterest
Starting off with possibly the most simple and cost effective idea - Some chilli infused oil!
Its super easy to make, just gently warm some olive oil in a saucepan. 
You're then going to want to add some whole chilli's (and/or) chilli flakes to the oil and heat for 3-4 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave the oil to cool slightly.
When the oil has cooled, carefully strain it into a clean, sealable glass bottle. Add dried chillies from the pan and seal the bottle!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

All dads love a bit of pampering from time to time, and mMy next DIY idea is to just simply bring him breakfast in bed!
As an extra touch, you could create a little menu for him to choose what he wants and play his favourite songs on a Spotify playlist!
A great website to use to create professional looking printables like this is 'Picmonkey

Source: Pinterest
Fathers day cupcakes would go down a hit in almost any household! Here is one of the simplest vanilla cupcake recipes from the BBC Good food website.
You could also pop down to the supermarket and get a cupcake mix pack (Betty Crocker do some great options) and whip up a batch of super tasty cupcakes.
The icing on the ones pictured above is royal icing cut into shapes - For this all you need is a small sharp knife, or some shaped cookie cutters!

I LOVE this idea by Pretty Providence. So simple yet really personal.
You just buy your dad a pair of slippers (which he will love anyway) and fill it with some minis!
You could include some mini aftershaves, deodorant sprays, biscuits and of course a bar of chocolate.

My last DIY idea is to make your dad a cute little personalised keychain.
All you'd need for this is some tough string, and some letter beads (you can find these in most craft shops).
'Best dad' and 'I love dad' are some good options, but you could personalise your keychain with names, or even a meaningful date!

Getting to know your dad...

According to a Not on the Highstreet survey, 98% say being a dad was the most rewarding job of all - *Collective aww*
Although 73% of those dads also have desires for more exotic job roles!

The most popular being a premership footballer - no surprises there really, thats my dads dream too!
Hollywood actor, Film director and astronaut all ranked pretty highly too.


Premiership footballer - 43 percent

Rock star - 37 percent

Pilot - 35 percent

Hollywood actor -33 percent

Film director - 30 percent

Writer - 28 percent

Astronaut - 27 percent

Rally driver - 27 percent

Music producer - 24 percent

TV presenter - 21 percent

Professional golfer - 18 percent

Male model - 18 percent

Stunt man - 18 percent

Artist - 18 percent

Prime Minister - 18 percent

Cricketer - 16 percent

Food critic - 16 percent

Michelin star chef - 16 percent

Rugby player - 14 percent

Brain surgeon - 13 percent 

So heres my question - Do you know what your dad would want to be if he wasnt your dad?
Why dont you ask him on fathers day and see!

I hope you all have a great fathers day with your dads!
And ofcourse, not to forget any of those dads that are unfortunately not with us anymore.

Naomi xo

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