Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Blogosphere awards 2017 | And the winner is...

Hello everyone!
I was lucky enough this year to be able to accompany my sister to the Blogosphere awards because she was nominated for 'best food blogger of the year' amongst all of the categories - woo!

The red carpet entrance
I was SO excited when I heard she was nominated - Blogosphere magazine is widely credited and known amongst bloggers and industry professionals.
Content creators such as Louise Pentland, Zoella and Fleur de Force, and Marcus Bulter have all graced the cover, and winners of each category get their own photoshoot to go into the next issue of the magazine!

And my gorgeous sister actually won the award she was nominated for! 
I couldn't be more proud as a sister, of her and all of her accomplishments in the short time she has been blogging full time.
She has gone through so much in the past, from mental health issues to constant debilitating physical health issues through her teens - I'm just so happy she has been able to come out the other end as a happy, gorgeous and successful young businesswoman (or #GirlBoss)

Her blog 'The little blog of vegan' is fully focussed on Vegan food, advice and cruelty-free beauty, and I get to sample her culinary delights on pretty much a daily basis (Cakes.. vegan cheesecakes.. vegan mac and cheese... I blame her for my struggle to lose those last few pounds haha).
And of course you don't need to be vegan to enjoy her recipes, So many of the ladies that came to chat to us on the night weren't vegan, but had been following her blog religiously for healthy and tasty alternative recipe ideas.

I went to the event in a past season River Island dress, as I had only worn it once but I love how the skirt section looks like lightning mixed with marble (drool).
I then paired that with a white cape jacket from Boohoo, and some white 'barely there' heels from Asos.

Shop the look here

There were canapes and I drank more Fentimans botanical cherry cola than I care to think about... (especially when I'm trying to reduce my sugar intake!) It is one of my favourite drinks brands though.

I want to say a huge thank you to the ladies we met that worked for Blogosphere who were amazing and took such great care of us, and of course huge congratulations to all of the other winners!

Naomi Victoria xo
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