Tuesday, 20 March 2018

My full time Youtube plans! + Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards

Hello everybody, and hello if you are new and have just arrived from the Cosmopolitan awards page!

Im Naomi Victoria, and I make Youtube videos!
I announced a few weeks ago on my Youtube channel that I am planning on going full time with my channel in May 2018 once I finish my University degree, which is coming up so fast!

I have SO many plans on great content to make, and im ridiculously excited - So I thought I would share a few of my upcoming plans!
Before I do so, I'll just mention that I've been shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan awards 'Best Newcomer' award this year!

I'm against some incredible talent and I couldn't be happier to be amongst them!
It would mean the world if you could take 20 seconds to fill out this super easy form - I promise youll be rewarded with all of the pizza and cookies you desire (Virtual..ofcourse hehe).
To start off with, my number one priority is to organise a proper posting schedule.
Thanks to uni my posting schedule has been so haphazard, and there are weeks inbetween videos sometimes.. Oops!
I plan on regularly posting twice a week - and then having space inbetween to post random fun vlogs or impromptu videos of anything I fancy!
Im thinking one mid-week video, and then a weekend video :)
I also want to incorporate some messages and themes behind my videos, whether that be advice, tips for healthy living, fun lifestyle bits - I'll make sure to cover all bases so my videos stay interesting and fun!
I also want to introduce some more personal subjects, such as how I cope with my IBS, Relationships, ect!

I LOVE editing, It allows me to let my creative juices flow and i'm really wanting to devlop an individual editing style. 
Some of my influences in regards to style on youtube are Kalyn Nicholson, Olivia Jade, Olivia Vargus, and the gorgeous Shay Mitchell.

Also, can you believe I haven't actually collaborated on my Youtube channel yet.. I know right!?
I did a collaboration with the lovely 'Soph Does Nails' when our channels were babies, and we weren't together, we literally just mentioned each other at the beginning of our videos.
Who do you think I collaborate with first!?

Me and my sister Holly - Aka The award winning 'Little Blog of Vegan' are starting a youtube channel together! We will be making yummy creations, healthy food, not so healthy food... and it will all be super pretty!
I'll keep you updated on that over on my Twitter!

Finally, I'm wanting to show you guys more of my life, my personality, and go on some exciting trips around the world together!
I also want to meet more of my subscriber fam, get to know you all and just thank you for being the best!
I hope you're as excited as I am. 
And thank you for all of the love and support whilst I've been inconsistently posting whilst at university!

First stop - NEW YORK in June!
Make sure you're following my Youtube channel so you can come along!

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